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Sprouty Pie

Updated: October 20, 2023

By: Bunnie's Kitchen

Bunnie's Kitchen Vegetarian Vegan

Vegan Pizzeria Restaurant : Dine In, Pickup

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Bunnie's Kitchen Restaurant Hours

Friday - Monday: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Vegan Food Guide


  • Sprouty Pie

  • Peppy - Roni

  • Hawaiian Heat

  • Mama's Garden

  • Mediterranean

  • Italian Style

  • BBQ Explosion

  • Ca Dreamin'

  • Meatless Lovers

  • Buffalo Chikin' Ranch

  • Build Your Own


-Banana Peppers


-Bell Pepper

-Black Olives

-Red Onions




-Sliced Tomato

-Shredded Carrot


-Nutritional Yeast


-Seitan Steak

-Italian Sausage

-Peppy - Roni

-BBQ Chikin'

-Ham Bits

-Basil Sprouts

-Onion Sprouts


-BBQ Drizzle

-Nacho Drizzle

-Taco Drizzle

-Pesto Drizzle


  • Cheezesteak Calzone

  • Veggie Calzone

  • Build Your Own Calzone

Sandwiches: *Choice Of Veggie Fries, Salad, Soup, Or Mac N' Cheeze

  • Cheezesteak Sandwich

  • Veggie Burger

  • Power Wrap


  • Caesar Salad

  • Green Salad


  • Cheesy Buns

  • The Loaf

  • Loaded Fries

  • Spicy Wedge Fries


  • Apple Pie

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies


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