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"A Taste of Paradise"

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is "Bunnie's Kitchen" about?

            Appreciate your interest in my cooking & baking channel "Bunnie's Kitchen"!  My kitchen is all about gratitude, to share what I learned from experience. Finding grace in eating, learning, and making the foods you enjoy wherever you are. Diverse flavor profiles shown in my YouTube videos enable your taste buds to get a variety of recipes provided. In addition, my website offers products and knowledge to help others in improvement of their joyful lifestyle.


Are you on social media?

            Indeed; yes I have established focus in different social media websites/apps. Don't forget to follow and subscribe!    

Do you have a cookbook?

            No doubt. I have 3 versions of blank recipe notebook and cookbook on Amazon. Illustrated to promote creativity with cooking & baking. Inspired from nature around me. Writing special family recipes in my own kitchen as well with my first accomplished cookbook!





What is your favorite dessert to eat?

            Cake decorated with fudge chocolate icing and m&m's hands down is my favorite dessert to eat. Raspberry is a fruity beauty that adds elegance as an amazing flavor to cake as well.

What kind of content do you provide?

            Bunnie's Kitchen offers recipes, nature blog, and restaurant reviews. Currently working on a new project: food restaurant / bakery guides for vegans and vegetarians. Products sold currently are custom made blank recipe books and garden log book. Visit Shutterstock to purchase beautiful nature photos. Follow YouTube @bunnieskitchen to "Shop With Me" for seasonal products.


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