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Hosting Garden Tea Party Backyard Birthday

December 9, 2023 By: Bunnie's Kitchen

Garden Tea Party Backyard Birthday Ideas And Tips. Fabulous host to how to host an extravagant tea party. Bunnie's 2023 Birthday tea party event was unforgettable! December set the scene for the lighting. All food and drinks provided were my favorite meals... (plant based vegetarian). Traditional and family recipes from Brazil, America, United Kingdom, and Italy. Set the enchanting vibe with memorable finger foods. Weather was amazing in the Autumn breeze chilling outdoors. Celebration of one year "Bunnie's Kitchen" business idea with motivation, hardwork, and creativity.

Category : Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat Eaters, Paleo


Garden Tea Party Backyard Birthday. Decoration Ideas. Food Ideas. Guide To  Planning A Tea Party.




  1. Charcutterie Board - Meat And Cheese

  2. Bread

  3. Cheese Quiche

  4. Fruit Bowl

  5. Egg Salad Sandwiches

  6. Cucumber Cheese Sandwiches

  7. Italian Pesto Chicken Hoagie

  8. Italian Pesto Vegetable Hoagie

  9. Chocolate Covered Strawberries | White And Milk Chocolate Sprinkled Strawberries

  10. Cannoli Cups

  11. Assorted Fruit And Chocolate Macaroons

  12. Cold Spinach Dip

  13. Mixed Vegetables

  14. Mini Cheesecakes

  15. Italian Rainbow Cookies

  16. Tea Assortment Set

  17. Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiros

  18. Italian Pannetone Cake | Tiramisu

  19. Iced Flowers (Cooler For Drinks)

  20. Jam | Wildberry Jam

  21. Pirouttes | Chocolate Hazelnut

  22. Butter

  23. Buttered English Muffins

  24. Italian Bruschetta

  25. Manzilla Stuffed Green Olives

  26. Honey

  27. Cane Sugar


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